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We are endori. We love good food and are hungry for a better future. A better future for everyone: people, animals and our planet. That's why we make veggie meat alternatives based on peas from traditional multi-field farming. Full bite and 100% flavor, without the use of soy or palm oil. Our plant-based meat alternatives for foodservice and industrial customers bring more variety to meat in your offering and we are happy to cater to your individual requirements. Together, we make an active contribution to the climate, animal welfare and sustainability. Because we want to whet your appetite – for a better world.

Our production

from field to fork

Our peas, the main ingredient in our products, are grown in traditional multi-field agriculture. Selection of raw materials, cultivation, transport, processing, quality control, packaging – it all comes "from a single source". Our source. Unlike a large number of competitors, no meat processing company is involved in our entire value chain - from field to fork.

Seals of approval

quality seals and certificates

European Vegetarian Union Qualitätssiegel

The V-label is an internationally recognised and trademarked symbol for labelling vegetarian and vegan products.

BRCGS Food Safety Qualitätssiegel

The BRC is a global standard for food safety and quality.

IFS Food Qualitätssiegel

The IFS was founded in 2003 by food retail representatives to ensure uniform inspection of the food safety and quality standards of producers.